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Computers and Marine Electronics have finally merged!  Furuno has recently introduced it's NAVnet© product line that relies on Ethernet, a technology that has existed for some time in the computer industry.  nVIEW©  offers SiMON, Ship's information MONitoring System,  an integrated information and diagnostics system that transmit it's data to multiple computers connected to the shipboard Ethernet network.  

What does this all mean to you, and how does Certified Marine Electronics, Inc. fit into this picture?  We are unique in the marine electronics industry because of two very important reasons.

First, we specialize in marine computer systems.  We have engineers who have experience working on complex land based business computer networks as well as conventional marine electronics.  This is extremely important since computers can be interfaced with many different peripherals in addition to standard marine electronics. 

Second,  we work side by side with Certified Diesel, Inc. in order to provide integrated, scalable Engine/Computer Systems capable of monitoring your engines, gensets, A/C units, and fuel levels as well as any navigational or diagnostic data fed to the system by conventional marine electronics.   

Donít rely on the amateurs when it comes to integrated computer systems. For further information, or if you would like someone to contact you to discuss how we can bring your boating experience into the twenty-first century please follow the link to the contact page.

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